It’s January in England and it’s very chilly! The air has a sort of fog about it that gets into my bones. So today, I’m going to let myself off the hook and keep warm and drink tea, well for a few hours until I ride Ziggy and get really warm!

I’ve taken some time off teaching this month as I wanted to concentrate on myself, and my new little habits for a better life and health. My new habits both begin with W! Drink more water every day (😂and less tea) and walk more, oh and swimming but that begins with s. I used to think of new years resolutions as a fad and didn’t buy into the gimmick of it but now my mind says that achieving little new habits regularly is better for me as it’s bite sized chunks that I find easy to do. Must be time for another cuppa!

I’m looking at the year ahead and planning what events I’m going to as media, which is so exciting… watch this space for more news!

Whatever you are up to, have a think what you can do for yourself today and what little changes you can make to be kind to yourself. Best wishes, Alli