I was lucky enough to to get to the first day of Moreton in the sunshine and wish I’d taken a bobble hat, it was pretty windy! The horses in the dressage all looked well and beautifully turned out. A few horses were feeling the wind and being a bit sharp but pretty much all the tests I saw in the 100 and Novice were well behaved and pleasing to watch.

The showjumping gave a break from the wind as it was enclosed by the trees. Moreton boasts many arenas, so there is always plenty of space for everyone. The surfaces were well manicured and the course looked to be jumping with ease.

The cross country going was pretty amazing seeing the rain we had earlier in the week, down to the good ground in the area. The course looked straightforward to ride and a nice start to the season for many.

What I love about Eventing is that you could be trotting next to an Olympian or 5* winner, who is also taking their youngster out for the first time, it is a unique sport in that wanna be event riders can rub shoulders with the elite.. Looking forward to when my horse is educated enough to come out to play. Alli Barfoot.