Cirencester Park is absolutely gorgeous, I’ve not been there before and was really impressed. The long rolling gallops in between trees where stunning and the going under foot was perfect for an early run in the season. I got to see the U18’s and Novice classes, with a mixture of season professionals, amateurs and new talent.

I was especially keen to watch Olive Nicholls who had a few horses entered. Olive won’t remember that she used to have riding lessons with me when she was probably 5 years old! I remember she was fearless and absorbed information really well. I saw a show jump round that looked like perhaps she had one of her Dads racehorses as he rolled a few poles in the showjumping. I’m looking forward to seeing how Olive progresses in her Eventing career.

Watching the dressage warm up with my daughter and we played the game, what horse would you like to take home. We played it speed time, so you only have a minute to view all 15 horses or so warming up! I choose a horse who had a lovely rhythm and looked like they had a calm temperament. It turned out it was my friend, Jason Ferguson on his horse! Pictured here!

I’ve been training to be an FEI Steward and picked up the RULES from Nicky Salmon who was fence judging at the event. Now to read them and get familiar with what when and how!

Looking forward to the next event! What ever you do that makes you happy, keep doing it! Alli

Jason Ferguson